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We will begin to understand your goals by undertaking an appraisal of where your business is right now and seeing what is possible.  We will then dissect the problems and proceed to plan  and create manageable solutions for growth and develop a strategy to grow your business in the best possible way. With our involvement we will evaluate performance, help to raise capital, improve profitability and continue to maximise the business value by assisting you with your continued development managerially and strategically.


We buy, merge and invest in companies . We're actively looking for opportunities and especially to invest in companies that are doing £1m - £50 million in annual sales.



We can move very quickly. If you want to exit or grow faster, we can help. 

We are not a business broker, we are independent private business buyers.

We look to see whats important for you as a business owner and create a win win situation when it comes to selling a business.


Consulting and Partnerships - does your business need the dedicated support from a committed development partner?

It’s important that we are a right fit for one another and that we are both able to clearly see the vision that needs to be achieved.

Our approach is different as we do not provide a conventional stand-alone service. Every business is different and the arrangement between us is based upon your needs, level of desired outcome and our involvement.



Acquipeak Group is a leading, independent firm focused on business transactions. we seek to acquire equity stakes in companies with growth prospects, with a view to assisting them with their continued development managerially and strategically. We are based in the UK and we have an expert network of international partners so we can provide our services worldwide. Whether you own a business with limited or out dated marketing strategies or you just cannot seem to get to the next level, we can examine the needs of your business, dissect the problems, and create manageable solutions for growth, also improving your business' profitability by enhancing the marketing structure and strategy. 


You can email us directly at or alternatively leave a message below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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